Series Recommendations: Mercy Thompson by Patricia Briggs

12064907Last time I recommended the series by Pamela Clare, who by the way has never failed me. This time let me introduce to you Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson Series. When I came upon this series, I have just finished the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews. I was adamant that I would not find a similar book, or remotely up to par. I, for once, am so glad I was wrong. The Mercy Thompson series is just as riveting  as the Kate Daniel series, yet its different plot line is refreshing.

The story revolves around, or course, Mercy Thompson who is a shifter, in a way. She is a coyote and lives next to Adam, the hero. This, for once, is not a romance propelled story. So expect some romance, but not so much that it’s the story’s main focus. Instead, each individual book has its own plot lines, and problems that Mercy encounters. Now on its seventh book, I can say for a fact, the latest book, Frost Burned, is just as good, if not better than the first.

In this universe, Ms. Briggs introduces us to a world filled with vampires, shifters, faes, and many more. With a world so rich and filled with many characters, there are so many possibilities that Ms. Briggs can right about, I know I would never become bored. The titillative writing is a reflection of how good of a writer Ms. Briggs is. She breathes life into her characters, you feel the characters pain and happiness. In the end, her ability to weave a narrative is what makes her one of the best authors I have read, in my book. So it comes to no surprise, that Ms. Brigg’s Mercy Thompson series has made it to my top 5 series list. Please take a look at the first book entitled, Moon Called. If you are looking for a story with an original plot line, interesting and unique characters, some romance, and a fun read, you will not be disappointed!


Note: similar books- Kate Daniels Series by Ilona Andrews


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